The crane, the horse and the giraffe

Origami and life inspiration:

As a champion for people and businesses, and voice for many, I am most known for my communications talents.  Little did I know that in becoming silent and still, I would expand my creativity and depth of communication beyond the horizons I had set for myself.

Spring 2008 was the catalyst.  A dear friend had been diagnosed with a terminal disease and the community wanted to find a way to channel our energy into positive thoughts in hope of a miracle.  A group of moms from our local preschool came together to work on a project known as “1000 Paper Cranes”.  Based on a story by Sadako and ancient Japanese legend, if someone was to practice the art of folding one thousand origami paper cranes, they will be granted a wish. We were on a mission.  As we folded, we unfolded and found ourselves, made new friends and spent contemplative time as we poured our hearts into this project.  As I personally created each crane, I thought of my friend.  And, I also found myself taking a deep look at the gift of the life…and how I wanted to truly appreciate it.


Stringing paper cranes with friends at Schoolmates preschool

Then, I paired-up with another mom to bring the many cranes into our friend’s home.  Origami brought us together and helped me to grow.  She was a designer.  I was working part-time at my traditional financial services position where I’d spent most of my career.  Something special happened during our meeting and we soon became business associates.  The venture allowed me to embrace and showcase my creative marketing communications and public relations skills.  I couldn’t help but think we were destined to meet and grow through this experience.


Sample image of origami art installation

Box Studios Horse sculpture

Origami horse sculptures – Box Studio

Flash forward to fall of 2011.  After experiencing my own little medical set-back, I entered a Facebook contest to win a trip to Santa Fe.  Guess what?  I won!  It was the inspiration that I needed to get me through my recovery and ready for a trip the following summer.  In June of 2012, my husband and I journeyed from Connecticut to New Mexico for the trip of a lifetime, including gift certificates to the finest restaurants, art galleries and more.  We loved this Southwestern mecca.  It was special, unlike anywhere we’d visited before.  It was almost as if we were spiritually and creatively awakened, especially on the day we decided to take the long drive through the Turquoise Trail to get back to Albuquerque for departure back home.  We were several miles onto the trail when we passed a beautiful horse sculpture.

Something came over me and I demanded, yes demanded, to turn back.  My husband was curious about what was drawing me back.  We drove up a long, winding path to find a studio,.  We got out of the car and knocked on the door.  There it was: Box Studio, not even officially open to the public.  It was filled with origami of all shapes and sizes.  After a long chat with Kevin and his wife, they led us to the entrance to their home.  I immediately got emotional when I spotted the most beautiful origami crane I had ever seen.   I couldn’t help but think that my friend had – yet again – drawn me back to origami.

Origami crane process

‘Crane Unfolding’ – Box Studio

I came back from the trip more inspired than ever.  I was busy working with an exciting boutique media agency out of Colorado.  I had a few of my own clients and I was ready to push my creative limits.  Within a few years I was ready to take the reins of my destiny and formally brand my consulting business.

Where to begin?  I was skilled at helping a business develop it’s identity.  But, when I had to do this for myself?  Well, it was a challenge.  In November of 2014 I was invited to a home sales party for “Origami Owl”.  Once again, fate was calling!  There it was…an origami giraffe, called “Stretch Yourself”.  I’d found it!  This would be my mantra for my new business.


‘Stretch Yourself’ Origami pendant, Origami Owl

I now wear a giraffe pendant that hangs from a chain around my neck.  I look at the graceful animal and think:  How I will stretch myself beyond my comfort zone this year?  I help my clients do the same and that is where I decided REACH would be my one word to describe my business.  Who do you want to reach?  Where do you want to reach your audience?  How would you like to reach them?  Why are you reaching for them?

As I reflect on the last seven years, I believe – beyond a shadow of a doubt – that origami symbolizes my professional and personal journey.  The twists and folds.  The un-folding of mistakes and re-folds for corrections.  These are truly metaphors for life.  I am thankful to my family, friends, business leaders and mentors that have helped me grow.  I am grateful for the crane, the horse and the giraffe who taught me to stretch myself.  I will continue this stretch for my clients.  I will achieve the REACH that they desire.

Welcome to First Position Media.  It is my heartfelt desire to help you achieve your communications goals.