Why Personal Branding is Important in a Social Media Obsessed World

When we live our lives so publicly, people can get confused by the different personas we have online. If you’re a business professional by day, but a party animal at night, someone doing research about you online will be confused … Continue reading

How My Personal Brand Explains Why I Love the Olympics

I’ve always been obsessed with the Olympics… and now I know why.  It’s not because I’m a competitive athlete or a sports fan. It’s because it’s my nature. My fascination with the Olympics began in seventh grade. I remember creating … Continue reading

Connecticut’s Official #Instameet – Essex, CT

On November 1st, approximately 40 bloggers, photographers, and interested parties gathered to discover Connecticut’s Official #Instameet #letsmeetct.  Did you just way “what’s that”? The Connecticut Office of Tourism in partnership with Janeivy Hilario partnered for a photowalk in historic, Essex, CT starting … Continue reading

Clifford Beers Clinic gets PR boost for movie premiere

It’s with great pleasure that we share our work to help Clifford Beers Clinic get the word out, increase audience attendance and receive press coverage for the Connecticut premiere of ‘Paper Tigers‘, a movie produced by filmmaker James Redford. Sarah … Continue reading

The crane, the horse and the giraffe

The crane, the horse and the giraffe Origami and life inspiration: As a champion for people and businesses, and voice for many, I am most known for my communications talents.  Little did I know that in becoming silent and still, … Continue reading